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Drummond’s Law and Jew-hatred

I’m often going on about Drummond’s Law, which is that the left always accuses the right of being up to the very thing that they’re up to (aka: ‘leftists always project’).

It seems that I didn’t take my own law seriously enough.

As we know, leftists are always calling right-wingers ‘Nazis’. We know that this is an instance of Drummond’s Law, because it’s the left who act like Nazis, especially the Antifa ones who dress in masks and black shirts and beat people up. But we should have taken the law more closely to heart. Nazis hate Jews, so the law tells us that Jew-hating is something the left will be up to. A few years ago, maybe even a year ago, I would have said that this is pushing Drummond’s Law too far. The left don’t hate Jews, right? Sure they may bend over backwards for Muzzies, but not that far. There’s a limit to the law.

But it turns out that a lot of them do hate Jews. It turns out that the worldview a lot of them have features hook-nosed Shylocks running the world’s banking systems, and the media, all for the purpose of bleeding dry the ordinary man, like the Martians in War of the Worlds who tossed humans into the baskets on their fighting machines so they could later drink their blood. (A worldview, as it happens, that is quite similar to that of a certain influential Austrian in the 1930s.) It turns out, in fact, that 34% of the United Kingdom intends to vote for an anti-semitic party. So maybe Drummond’s Law is not just a loose generalisation, but something stronger.

It would have been a bold. almost laughable, prediction a few years ago, but the left are morphing into the Nazis at a rate of knots, and the ‘caring’ media is cheering them on.

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One thought on “Drummond’s Law and Jew-hatred

  1. You’re right, any objective assessment of where the greatest threat to democracy in the UK is coming from would conclude the Hard Left that seems to have colonised the Left entirely (rather in the way the most radical Islamists control the entire Muslim population) is the thing most likely to result in some sort of fascist dictatorship. Twisted world view, tick. Bogey sections of society who are responsible for all society’s ills (Jews and Tory voters), tick. Thugs on the street, tick. Ideological supporters in all the major parts of the State apparatus, tick. All the Right have is (at the moment) more votes. But one suspects that won’t last for long…….

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