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The SWP still a bunch of losers then

The SWP taking over Labour was always going to end up with Labour getting SWP-levels of voter support. The worry was, how many years would it take for that to happen? Would there be some brief interlude and unusual circumstances where they did well, won an election, and then rigged everything – votes at 16, votes for foreign nationals, maybe even votes for illegal immigrants – so they couldn’t be removed?

That didn’t happen, and let’s hope now that they sink and sink and sink and end up with five-men-and-a-dog-in-the-back-room-of-a-pub level of support, just like the SWP used to have.

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2 thoughts on “The SWP still a bunch of losers then

  1. This time, for the first time ever, I spoiled the ballot paper. The Conservative party don’t represent me and I’m not going to vote for them just because they are less rubbish and out of touch than all the others. Having said that I am enjoying seeing the results of this election because of the drubbing that the parties that I really despise have had. The Greens, Labour and the illiberal not remotely democrats especially. It would be nice if the Green party getting their usual one seat would wake the rest of them up to the fact that nobody gives a flying fook about tackling bloody climate change.

  2. Elsewhere someone mentioned that the Green Party had about 400 lost deposits which, if true, makes my point even more clearly.

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