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Pompous has-been proves inexplicably unpopular

Extraordinary news:

Bercow paid staggering amount for Sky News election coverage

Actually, not so much that, as this:

Mr Bercow was hired as a lead pundit and Sky bosses hope he would boost viewing figures but he election night special was only watched by 45,700 people.

Less than 46 000 people watched Sky’s election night coverage. Less than the population of a small market town. All those decades of Sky News trying to dominate British TV, all ruined because Adam Boulton and Kay Burley decided to go all out for the left-wing viewers. As If left-wing viewers watch Sky TV!

At least there are some people at Sky who aren’t crazy:

A source at Sky said: “His huge payment is the talk of Sky News. Nobody could believe it.

Or are they?

“That said, he was on through the night

They made him work for that 60 grand! They weren’t going to let him get away with sneaking out after a couple of hours.

and, of course, has tremendous insight.”

Scrap what I just said about some people at Sky not being crazy.


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One thought on “Pompous has-been proves inexplicably unpopular

  1. Sky needs an editorial clear out, starting with Remaniac pizza face Boulton.
    It’s surprising that Fox, unlike its Australian or US stablemates doesn’t see what a market there is for sound reporting with an editorial line very different from the BBC or Channel 4.

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