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Diane Abbott’s son on the rampage again — 6 Comments

  1. “Just noticed that Guide Fawkes in this post say he was sacked from the civil service in June…”

    Blimey! I didn’t think that ever happened, unless they find out you bote BNP…

  2. One is left wondering what sort of press coverage would be attracted to, say, JRM’s son going off the rails.

    Or Euan Blair. That said, that one got forgotten pretty quickly. Unsurprisingly.

  3. From my observations as a technical consultant for about 4 years, the fast-track scheme is about identifying women and ethnic minorities who might have potential and then testing them on different projects as a way to get more women and ethnics in to the upper echelons.

    We had three of them through the project I was on.

    Its not unusual for them to fall by the wayside.

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  5. As a former nurse I believe Abbott’s son is a paranoid schizo. His age, circumstances,and behaviour indicate this. Reporting would be restricted under patient confidentiality rules. Abbott has probably tried to hide this due to the stigma attached to mental illness. How ironic? I hope the Media behaves properly over this and does not blame the son for the sins of the mother. A broken mind is just as deserving sympathy as a broken limb. Ask any combat veteran!

  6. Seems like there one law for Dianne Abbots son and one for everyone else …has she taken out a gagging order I wonder? So much for zero tolerance for attacking NHS staff . What happened to the biting and spitting incidents ?

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