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A little request

I’d be really grateful if readers could buy my book. That’s the best way to help me. There are Patreon and Ko-fi links on the right to send a few bucks my way, but really I just want people to get my book, that’s the best way to support me.

I don’t make much from each sale, I’ve kept the prices as low as I can, especially the price of the paperback, which costs a lot more than the Kindle version for obvious reasons. But remember that the paperback price – at least in the UK, not sure how it works in other countries – includes the postage cost, so it’s not as expensive as it seems, in fact, it’s just a normal-priced book really.

And it’s not like a donation where you get nothing back, for in return you get my brilliant book. Which isn’t some slight thing with minimal content, it’s chock-full of hundreds of pages of lovingly-crafted scenes of genius. Ot at least scenes that should tickle and entertain you. You’ve probably read plenty of dry non-fiction books recently. So how about for boring old January you entertain yourself for a change?

Update: A have some spare copies at home at the moment, so if anyone wants a free copy for the purposes of reviewing it (even if that’s just for a blog or a newsletter) drop me a line at hector at hectordrummond dot com and I’ll send you one out.

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4 thoughts on “A little request

  1. Mr. Drummond — It might amuse you to know that, per, Awesome Books in Wallingford UK is selling a used copy of “The Biscuit Factory Vol 1” for the knock-down price of US $101.12, plus $2.62 to ship it to the US.

    Man! You are collectible!

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