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  1. Obama allegedly took out Bin Laden and everyone cheered.
    Trump takes out Soleimani and it’s the start of WW111 (although it clearly isn’t).

    The hypocrisy of the Left is unbounded.

    It’s Victor Davis Hanson, by the way…

  2. There was a simple test that could be applied to the overabundance of commentary on the Soleimani killing.

    Do you think the writer of the piece looked at the headlines and thought “Wow, the Americans have taken out Soleimani – bloody hell!!” or do you think they looked and thought “Woah, who have the Americans taken out now?!” And then did enough frantic googling to knock an opinion piece or Serious Face Statement out.

    I’m by no means an expert on that region or on international affairs in general, but I take enough interest to lie firmly in the former category. So anybody in the latter simply isn’t worth reading because they know even less about the situation than I do, hence are most unlikely to add value or insight. People in the former category might not do so either, but at least they got a fighting chance.

    Of all the words spewed out in the press and media over the last few days, I wonder what percentage came from which camp? I have the horrible suspicion that more came from the latter, and almost certainly the majority of the most earnest column-filler.

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