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The busted bluster is all part of the continuity Tory tradition

This is the British Conservative tradition: make a lot of noise during an election campaign about how you’ll change politics for good. I call this the ‘Bonfire of the Quangos’ stage. It’s all bluster, of course. Then meekly back down afterwards, and leave everything fairly similar to before. And that’s pretty much it.

The foreign aid department will escape the axe as Boris Johnson scales back his proposed Whitehall shake-up, the Mail can reveal.


Plans for a radical overhaul that would have seen a raft of departments created, merged or scrapped have been curtailed.


Instead the Prime Minister will largely concentrate on improving performance in the existing ministries.


The Department for International Development is expected to be given a reprieve and will not now be merged with the Foreign Office. The suggested creation of a borders and immigration ministry separate from the Home Office is also unlikely to happen.

It’s like having a lover who always tells you on the way home from the pub that they’re going to give you the shag of your life, who then falls asleep on the couch within seconds of getting through the door.

The right is so desperate for heroes that it latches onto anyone who says anything that could be construed as conservative. Even Ricky Gervais, for instance, who has become the right’s new hero, despite being a Corbyn-voting leftist who thinks Apple’s factories are sweatshops.

Update: Don’t get me wrong on Ricky Gervais, he did great at the Golden Globes and deserves all the back-slapping he can get. But let’s not put a halo on him.

Update 2: Sam White isn’t very keen on Gervais getting that much credit:


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4 thoughts on “The busted bluster is all part of the continuity Tory tradition

  1. It is not really a surprise when a politician lies. Even less of a surprise when it is a politician with Boris’s kind of record. But it is still disappointing.

    The acid test of whether the “Conservatives” are anything more than useless will be the BBC License Fee. If “Conservatives” are not smart enough to deny funding to those who broadcast their hate for them, then we should have very low expectations for the rest of their agenda.

    It still galls me that when I lived in the UK I had to register as a non-TV owner — a little too close to having to register as a sex offender.

  2. For yet one more example of WTF is a Conservative Govt doing by supporting such an odious thing, take a look at this so-called charity – Fairshare Educational Foundation.


    Mmm, I wonder who would support such an odious organisation, apart from nutjobs like Archbishop Welby or the chap who thinks he is the Pope?

    Income 2019 £2.3m, of which £433,752 came from the DFID. WTF!!!!

    The first paragraph of their accounts reads:

    “In the broader economic and political environment, climate change has finally come to dominate public affairs this year, with the school strikes and Extinction Rebellion helping achieve breakthroughs like the declaration of a climate emergency by Parliament, and Prime Minister May’s ground breaking commitment for the UK to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. ShareAction continued its ambitious programme of work on climate change over the last year, working with some of the largest pension funds and insurers in the world to drive new thinking and commitments, and facilitating dialogue between investors and the corporate community on climate risks.”

    Why is the Charities Commission not all over this nonsense? The metropolitan classes are really at war with the rest of the nation

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