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From Diogenes in the comments (I’ve added some links):



For yet one more example of WTF is a Conservative Govt doing by supporting such an odious thing, take a look at this so-called charity – Fairshare Educational Foundation [HD: aka ShareAction].

The main areas of charitable activity are in campaigning and education of the public in the principles, practice and effects of responsible and ethical investment.

Mmm, I wonder who would support such an odious organisation, apart from nutjobs like Archbishop Welby or the chap who thinks he is the Pope?

Income 2019 £2.3m, of which £433,752 came from the DFID. WTF!!!! [HD: The DFID figure can be found on p. 30 of their latest financial report.]

The first paragraph of their accounts reads:

In the broader economic and political environment, climate change has finally come to dominate public affairs this year, with the school strikes and Extinction Rebellion helping achieve breakthroughs like the declaration of a climate emergency by Parliament, and Prime Minister May’s ground breaking commitment for the UK to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. ShareAction continued its ambitious programme of work on climate change over the last year, working with some of the largest pension funds and insurers in the world to drive new thinking and commitments, and facilitating dialogue between investors and the corporate community on climate risks.

Why is the Charities Commission not all over this nonsense? The metropolitan classes are really at war with the rest of the nation.



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6 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. When I was in the process of organising my pension pot I was actually asked if I wanted it to be only invested in ethical ways. I opted out of this one, the main reason was that I had no faith whatsoever in whoever would be deciding what is and what isn’t ethical. Green crap that is subsidised via taxes that are pretty much theft for example.

  2. It is tempting to say: ‘Isn’t Democracy Wonderful!’. Punters vote for a “Conservative” government and get this.

    On the other hand, the “Conservative” government was clear before the election about banning fracking, throwing more money at socialized medicine, making the UK “Carbon Neutral”. So maybe the punters who voted for the “Conservatives” are getting what they voted for — good and hard.

  3. Diogenes: “And the alternative was?”

    That is exactly the sobering point. Despite the “Conservative” name, the Tory Party is functionally Big Intrusive Government Left Wing. Voters could also have voted for the further Left-Wing Lib-Dems, the much further Left-Wing Labour Party, or the even further Left Wing Green Party.

    The UK can take the back roads or it can take the expressway, but all roads lead Left.

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