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  1. Poor chap was unable to check the woke credentials of the script before accepting the role. Had to wait through the whole movie to find out if his character was a suitable match for him. Wonder what Disney had on him to make him sign on.

  2. Rise of Skywalker is closing in on a global take of $1 billion (£760,000). And yet there is near universal agreement that it is, on multiple levels, an enormous flop.

    It was a terrible film, but it had one huge thing going for it being the last in the saga.

    I mean, nobody excitedly anticipates going to the hospital to see a dying family member one last time. In fact, most dread it. But despite their broken body and addled mind, it’s the last time you’ll ever get to see them alive.

    Yes, Star Wars is your cool uncle who used to drag race his ’78 Camaro while letting you have a beer. Then he joined a commune and got syphilis.

  3. I do wonder how and why these woke types end up in “right-wing” publications like the Telegraph and Spectator. Do they lie about their views during interviews? Or are they being appointed to give a range of views (and work their way into positions where they can shift the balance of the organisation and editorial line)?

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