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Stewart Lee’s Preaching Vehicle — 6 Comments

    • You’re lucky. Smarmy, hectoring comedian who was on UK TV a lot in the 90s, eg. in Lee and Herring, Fists of Fun, This Morning with Richard But Not Judy. Also one of the original radio writers for Alan Partridge. Beloved by British comedy critics. Guardian columnist.

  1. From the Article: Clarkson’s suggestion that Australians needed to “come home” [to the UK] … could read as a slap in the face to Indigenous Australians, for whom the continent has always been “home” …

    Indigenous simply means that the Aboriginals made it to Australia before the English convicts. Really, “First Immigrants” rather than Aboriginals. There is a hypothesis that, during one of those cold periods the beautiful people don’t talk about, some early men & women got stuck on an ice flow and drifted to Australia.

    At least even Mr. Lee realizes that his writing is not humorous. Humor is hard; outrage is easy.

  2. Humour is about difference underscoring similarity.

    ‘Woke’ comedians struggle to be funny because the only differences they allow themselves to joke about are straw men Because those straw men targets do not exist, the comedian making a contrast between the target and the audience fails to generate any sense of community in the audience.

    This started for my generation with Ben Elton, whose stand up regularly name checked ‘Thatch’ and the audience dutifully laughed. But at least there was a real Thatcher, even if she bore only a fleeting resemblance to her comedy avatar.

    Very few in a traditional English audience (other than Guardian readers) now recognise anybody in the ‘Racist, sexist, classist, homophobic’ stereotypes wheeled out in the service, not of humour, but of preaching a very tired message.

    So it just isn’t funny.

  3. Funnily enough (and I detest his comedy) he’s a fan of the great Shirley Collins (sixties English traditional singer still going at 84), and is not a bad folk performer himself. Of course he wants to get rid of the people who created the songs!

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