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Gulag hunger — 5 Comments

  1. The inability to utter a sentence without swearing is interesting. Somewhere in the depths of Tolkien, he wrote a wonderful sentence about how the Orcs spoke — something along the lines of ‘so long removed from Good that even their language had lost vigor’.

  2. Perhaps the re-education can start with those who’ve – apparently – lost the ability to speak without the same old word cropping up every few seconds. And an intensive course alongside it where the basics of courtesy and respect for others are encouraged. Really star pupils get to break fewer rocks.

    Once the comrades can speak English again, they can be returned to a politer, more courteous society and we can all move on.

    Now, let me think; is it a Good Thing, or a Bad Thing, to lock people up whilst they attend compulsory courses in Libertarianism???? Hmmm.

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