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Did they mistake him for a porter as well and ask him to carry the bags? — 4 Comments

  1. As a wrinkly who grew up through the Seventies and Eighties (and actually, rather enjoyed the best bits 🙂 ) I’m confused. Why would I suspect that the political stance of someone called “Soweto” may not be entirely neutral?

    Somewhere in my mind, a nagging doubt flits from brain cell to brain cell…. shameful, I know. I’m supposed to believe every word uttered by members of victim groups. Mea culpa.

  2. …….and watching the video, his body language, expression, eye movement and slightly detached manner while giving his story – and embellishing it as he goes – remind me strongly of the occasional times when my stepson (who has a form of bipolar disorder) “reminds” us of events which he “remembers” clearly but which never actually happened. He doesn’t do it deliberately, but the “tells” are the same. And I don’t think Kinch suffers from bipolar disorder.

  3. If his story is true, then clearly it will never be safe for blacks to live alongside us awful whites and they need to voluntarily segregate themselves for their own safety. Because, after all these years, if an innocent, ticket-holding black man is not allowed on the first class carriage, there really is no hope and we should stop pretending that there is.
    Right, Soweto?

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