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The Big Ben Bong Battle in a Bottle in a Muddle — 8 Comments

  1. I have no doubt the contractor could do the work for far less, but it probably doesn’t want to, so has done the usual builder thing and just whacked in a massive quote on the grounds that if it doesn’t happen they’re not bothered and if it does, Kerching!!!

  2. I tend to go with the suggestion that they just place a couple of loudspeakers in the bell tower and play the chimes. Then… follow up with Rule Britannia (Britain never will be slaves) at about 4000 watts RMS per speaker.

    That way the whole of greater London will know – stage one’s done.

  3. Can I apply for a job as a temporary bell-ringer? I could squeeze that gig in for a mere 100,000 of Her Majesty’s Pounds Sterling.

    To be more serious, we need information on what the issue is. Perhaps the tower requires temporary strengthening to take the shifting loads imposed by movement of the bells?

    This suggests the need for caution. Imagine what would happen if the bells were rung and the tower collapsed! The symbolism would be rather negative, and — what is even worse — punters in Brussels would die laughing. Then the deaths of those bureaucrats would weigh heavily on the British conscience.

  4. From a civil engineering perspective, as one of the profs at Grayvington U might say, restoration of a crumbling old tower is akin to walking on eggshells — preserve the exterior façade while rebuilding and strengthening the interior. A single mistake, the tower falls down, and the civil engineer has to spend the rest of his career building mud huts in Zambia.

    If the engineering contractor has to disrupt an exquisitely planned schedule to do whatever has to be done to make it possible to ring the bells safely, and then has to undo all of that temporary work and get back to the original plan — then 500K does not sound like an improbable number.

    Anyway, we keep on getting told that Boris is going to de-emphasize London due to his new love affair with northern converts to Toryism. There must be a bell at Durham U or some such place which could be rung in place of Big Ben.

  5. We all know that high quality recordings of the bells exist – what do they use at the start of all those news bulletins, for example. We know that the people who voted Brexit have big hefty loudspeakers…There’s a DJ a few doors down from me who’d probably do the job for a monkey

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