I prefer the old Janet Daley who actually noticed what was really going on

Janet Daley no longer understands the world:

Americans are schooled (literally) to regard their democratic institutions and the document that created them – the Constitution – as sacramental …


Something very drastic must have happened to the American psyche over the past generation to have created this paradoxical interpretation of patriotism which can accept contempt for the fundamental national values that once united the population.

So she’s says that people who voted for Trump don’t seem to mind that important, quasi-sacred national institutions, which you’d expect them to value very highly,  are being undermined by Trump and the right. But her analysis falls rather short:

Much analysis of the Trump phenomenon … attribute his popularity to the crisis of the “left behind”. The economic stagnation of the Rust Belt and the collapse of working class employment has produced an endemic sense of hopelessness that most Americans have never known or ever expected to know … As everybody seems to agree, this is the secret of Trump: his “make America great again” pitch is a specifically economic one.

This is only some of the story. The bigger story is the leftist capture of these important institutions. They’ve been taken over and weaponised by the left. (Janet Daley used to notice that sort of thing before her 60’s left-wing roots showed and she became a never-Trumper.) That’s why there’s not a lot of respect for these things any more. The left destroyed that respect, not Trump.

People voted for him, despite the fact that he’s not the most polite man, precisely because he was the only candidate (well, maybe Ted Cruz was as well) who seemed to care about restoring these institutions, at least the ones that really matter (so: not the UN). He’s the one appointing a load of new judges to the courts. He’s the one trying to restore the borders. Yes, the borders, those ones that the Democrats opened up. Didn’t Janet notice that?

In other, the left is a serious threat to the country, and the Western world, and Trump seems game for a fight with them. It’s not that hard to understand, and many voters do understand it, but not, it seems, columnists who are living in the past, who don’t really understand the threat facing us.

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3 thoughts on “I prefer the old Janet Daley who actually noticed what was really going on

  1. Her comments on the impeachment are also bizarrely off the wall – essentially that it’s wrong for the President to ask for an investigation into a political rival… I don’t know where to start with this one. Perhaps it could be that this practice was legitimised by St Obama? Perhaps that the investigation is into what seems to be blatant corruption and misuse of power to aid a relative? Her wrongness on this is Krugmanesque

  2. Janet Daley — an American who left America … because she prefers England, for Goodness sake! Her remoteness does not help her analysis, especially when she probably relies on the New York Times for her insights into the “real” America.

    The bigger issue is the Gramscian Long March through the Institutions –which has corrupted not just the NYT but also the universities, the high schools, the Courts, Congress. It took decades for the Lefties to achieve that, and it is now difficult to see a painless way back.

  3. You can gain a great insight into this world view in the following article. It’s presented as evidence that Trump is unfit for office, along with all the other ‘orange man bad’ tropes.

    To me it shows, without a shadow of doubt, that Trump knows exactly what he expects and is completely happy to fire anyone who attempts to subvert those goals. In this case, the supposed hard men, the top brass, got all butt hurt about being held to account. Perhaps even more shockingly, the massive misjudgment for a bunch of senior military men to think this was a good idea to lecture Trump on the ‘realities of geopolitics’ when Trumps primary goal was to smash this reality.

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