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Some news items of interest — 3 Comments

  1. It’s yet another example of the iron law that when the Left accuses an opponent of doing something bad, they are projecting their own malfeasance.

    Fake news, Russia, election tampering, racism, pedophilia, sexism, tax avoidance. Ukraine is just something to add to an ever expanding list.

  2. Gosh, who’d ever have thought that Joe Biden, who first came to international attention after he nicked one of Neil Kinnock’s speeches, might be anything other than scrupulously honest?

  3. Why is anyone surprised that Boris the Unreliable is still using the same old negotiating team with the EU? It has long been obvious that the only principle to which Boris adheres is that he belongs at the top of the greasy pole. He has never had any intention of dying in a ditch over Brexit.

    Hard core Brexiteers (a smaller group than they imagine) were kidding themselves when they thought they saw steel in Boris’s spine. Que sera …

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