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The grand journalistic tradition of old fools getting with the program — 9 Comments

  1. “You mean you’ve already forgotten those bitingly cold winters we’ve been having in the last decade?”

    Just what I was thinking. The first time in my life I – or anyone I know – can remember food shortages in the centre of Glasgow due to snow was two years ago. Has that been flushed down the memory hole already?

    The first time my school closed due to snow was when I was 15, in the mid-’80s. Almost my entire childhood was spent in frustration that there was never enough snow to build a decent snowman. Yes, anecdote isn’t evidence, but if you’re going to start on about “What happened to the winters of our youth?”, it’s falling on deaf ears around here, matey.

    “At a conference in Venice at the weekend, he said we should commit to the one clean energy source that is plentiful, easy to transport and getting cheaper to produce.”



    “But at least the temperature of the Earth will have only gone up 0.0012 rather than 0.0013 degrees”*

    *+/-0.01 degrees.

  2. And then he goes on and on about how hydrogen is the fuel of the future. Does he say where the hydrogen wells are? Reader, he does not – he simply asserts that “it’s all around us”. Well so it is, tightly bound to Oxygen atoms, from which liberating it requires enormous amounts of energy – obtained using the effect of sunshine on cucumbers, no doubt. He also hasn’t noticed that hydrogen is difficult to contain, almost completely impossible to liquify, and hideously explosive if mis-handled.

    Really, where do they get them from?

    AEP is just as bad btw.

  3. How can we make it stop? This avalanche of nonsense from every bloody direction. Oh noes oh noes, there will soon be millions of climate refugees fleeing the devastation of mild winters.

    Pascal’s wager has been refuted countless times. The most obvious rebuttal is that it is a false dichotomy. The argument assumes that there is only one religion and that Pascal has chosen the correct one.

  4. Remember the old days, when Peak Oil was going to happen and we were all going to freeze to death in the dark? Happy times! Now apparently we have so much fossil fuel we are going to turn Siberia into one big Russian Riviera with room for everyone (and that is supposed to be a bad thing?).

    The geologist M. King Hubbert whose name is forever associated with Peak Oil titled his seminal 1956 paper “Nuclear Energy and the Fossil Fuels”. It is an upbeat document, well worth reading. He postulated that the fossil fuel age would be a blip in the long history of humanity, and we would move forward for the next couple of thousand years with nuclear fission keeping us warm and happy.

    While hypocritical Germany is shutting down its trouble-free nuclear power plants, China and Russia are furiously building more. The human race will survive Ms. Thunberg.

  5. Well done. I only managed two paragraphs into the newspaper article, before my wife complained that my cries of ‘F*ck *ff!’ were interrupting her game of solitaire.

    I miss the days when the Telegraph used to have news in it. If it wasn’t for the fact I’m leeching a free digital subscription off my Dad’s paper one, I’d have given up altogether (I gave up my paid subscription years back)

    (edited to clarify that I failed to read the newspaper article, not this one!)

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  7. “Where have our winters gone? I miss them .. ”
    Oh yes, I remember, we now have Central Heating and double glazing, so the current house is nice and warm, whereas as a child the house leaked heat like money.
    Isn’t it nice our standard of living has climbed so much in 50 years.
    And to cap it, the article then spouts Hydrogen nonsense.
    Anyone selling The Hydrogen Economy is always either a crook or a moron. Usually both.

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