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  1. “[M]e and my family were left all night without heating.”

    All night? Who has their heating on at night anyway? You’re in bed. Stick another blanket on if it’s a bit chilly.

    “I was doing that for weeks.”

    Ditto, about five years ago. All winter.

    How the other half lives, eh? It’s almost enough to make you say, “Sod principles,” and sponge off the taxpayer yourself.

  2. (i) We once managed to get a central heating man out on New Year’s Day – IN SCOTLAND!

    (ii) The company with whom we now insure for plumbing and drains has us on their “at risk” list and so will usually manage to get someone to us on the day we ring them. But then they are not owned by an arm of government.

  3. This must be the Global Cooling that young Greta keeps talking about. (It might not sound like “Global Cooling” when she says it, but please cut the young lady some slack — she is having to speak in a foreign language).

    History records that Nottingham was once a warm & pleasant land, where Robin Hood could prance around in tights. Now apparently it is in danger of becoming an empty frozen waste. We really need to rally round and do something about Global Cooling before the whole planet grinds to a frigid halt.

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