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Soweto Kinch’s train story — 3 Comments

  1. If you accuse somebody, then YES it is up to you to prove it. But never mind that.

    This is a simple programmed pavlovian response. White people: racism. It doesn’t matter whether this infant meets a KKK chapter or the admirable Crichton.

    How truly fed up to the back teeth we all are with this shit!

    What to do?

    I can see some sort of #metoo type response. Not white? Well sorry, I won’t talk to you unless I am recording.

  2. I’ve watched the footage – it’s absolutely clear – the guard says the seats in that carriage are reserved and there is more first class seating in the front part of the train. The guard was trying to be helpful but the complainant wasn’t listening to the advice given.

  3. Its very obvious we now have a 2 class racial system – if something bad happens to a non-white person (of a non-racial nature) they can still claim racism is the cause and gain all manner of benefit and support as a result. If the very same thing befalls a white person, they just have to suck it up, no one is going to really care very much.

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