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Historian discovers amazing new facts that nobody ever knew before — 4 Comments

  1. I’m reminded of one of the most important achievements of Florence Nightingale being that she turned nursing from a job that was little more than prostitution to one that was an actual profession.

    The reason she was the ‘lady of the lamp’ was she did not trust the other nurses to not fuck the patients, so forbade them from being in the wards at night.

  2. One wonders if Ms. Brand would be equally surprised to learn about the lives of her contemporary women? After all, about two thirds of young women do not go to college, even in these fallen times. Yet the implicit assumption in most discussion among our betters is that every young woman goes to college and then gets an office job somewhere which supports an Upper Middle Class lifestyle.

    Oh well! Personally, I take solace in the knowledge that today’s feminist insanity is unsustainable. What tomorrow’s insanity will be, we shall all simply have to wait to see.

  3. It’s all there in the Captain Aubrey novels of Patrick O’Brian. I suppose everything has to be rediscovered every 25 years now that university libraries no longer seem to contain books

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