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Some more items of note

The Lancet continues it rapid downhill slide by publishing a piece by an XR activist writing about his arrest for protesting:

Parliament Square on Oct 31, 2018, was unexpectedly crowded. Together with Charlie Parselle, a lawyer I met on the first day at our secondary school in 1955, I had been pushing for action on global heating for 30 years. Despite the efforts of numerous agencies and individuals, we have seen science ignored and ecological devastation proceed apace. Politicians, in thrall to vested interest, seemed incapable of implementing the requisite transformational action, instead persuading their electorates that growth blah blah blah

Speaking of downhill slides, Roger Kimball writes about the latest sad developments at Yale:

Yale announced last week that it will stop teaching its famous survey course, “Introduction to Art History: Renaissance to the Present.” Taught for decades by Vincent Scully, one of Yale’s most celebrated professors, the course was a riveting introduction to pulse of humanism.


It is being cashiered for all the usual reasons. Its focus is too white, too European, too male, too “problematic,” as Tim Barringer, chairman of the art history department, puts it.

A humorous new academic dictionary  by Lee Jussim was put up by Psychology Today, but taken down within 24 hours. You can guess why. Quillette have now published it.

Occam’s shoehorn: What you use to fit the data to your narrative, no matter how difficult.

The BBC has been forced into making a major admission on global warming:

The worst-case scenario for emissions of CO2 this century is no longer plausible, say researchers.


Referred to as “business as usual”, the scenario assumes a 500% increase in the use of coal, which is now considered unlikely.

Sceptics like Matt Ridley have of course been pointing these very points out for years. But as the piece is by our old friend Matt McGrath, it fills the second half of the story with various apocalyptic scenarios that STILL COULD BE TRUE.


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2 thoughts on “Some more items of note

  1. A belated recognition from the BBC: “There’s never been that much evidence that climate change is going to literally cause the extinction of the human race,” said Zeke Hausfather.”

    Let’s wait for the apologies from Algore, Obama, Greta and the rest for misleading everyone with their ’10 years to save the planet’ scaremongering. But we may have to wait a long, long time; a lot longer than 10 years.

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