You’ll just make it angry

In response to this morning’s post about the BBC, Tim the Coder says in the comments:

It would still be a win, because I wouldn't be forced to pay for it under threat of violence.
I have no objection to political parties, industry lobbies and religions funding their own propaganda channels.
I just oppose the coercion.

I don’t think it would be a win, because the BBC is extremely powerful after decades of enormous public funding. It owns its own massive studios, it has vast amounts of gear, and it has all the infrastructure it needs already set up. (A lot of its content now comes from independent production companies, but it still has all those things.)

And as I said in the post, it still has the reputation, and the prime slots on TVs and digital boxes. How the hell can any new channel compete against that? Letting the BBC loose from the licence fee and all the restrictions attendant upon the fee would be could setting a monster loose.

If the BBC leftists want to have a TV channel let them start from scratch. Why should they be gifted with the BBC?

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5 thoughts on “You’ll just make it angry

  1. Yes. There’s a precedent in BT and British Gas. They still acted like state monopolies for years after denationalization (in some ways, they still do). Certainly the greatest objection to the BBC is being forced to pay for opposing propaganda, but the propaganda itself is a problem, and ending its supply of guaranteed income isn’t going to stop it.

  2. Decriminalising non-payment of the Licence fee would not make it unenforceable. I suspect it would still be possible to make claims in the civil courts. The Beeb wouldn’t waste time suing poor people, but those with assets, such as a house, would be attractive targets.

  3. Agreed it wouldn’t be a total victory, but it would be a start. And any win is worth having, if it sets the direction.
    And if Al-Beeb doubles down and goes even more ecoleftyloon, so much the better. Get them angry, make them act like fools. Provoke & destroy.

    I’m with you on the 100% removal and re-burn the ashes, but you have to start somewhere 🙂

  4. De-criminalizing non-payment of the BBC tax sounds like a typical English fudge.

    If Boris & the Tories (sounds like a forgotten band from the 1960s) had backbone, they would take note of what Russia did with some of its State-owned businesses after the collapse of the USSR. They would eliminate the license fee altogether, and give everyone who paid a license fee in 2019 one share in BBC PLC. After all, everything the BBC owns came from the UK taxpayer.

    As owners of BBC PLC, the people of the UK could sell their shares, or elect a new Board of Directors who could decide what to do with the assets. Of course, BBC PLC would now have to pay a big chunk of cash every year to UK Gov for the annual privilege of using the public airwaves.

    But this would not solve the problem of non-stop Far Left propaganda from the shell of the then-defunct BBC. We have to take note of US broadcasters who already operate in that kind of environment, and compete with the BBC for the title of Most Biased Broadcaster. Yet they still have no problem finding advertisers among increasingly “Woke” big businesses. As is typical of Leftist organizations, this business model is not sustainable — and things will eventually change.

  5. I used to be terribly worked up about the BBC.
    Then I stumbled upon a solution. Stop watching it, and stop paying the licence fee.
    Get a letter accepting that you have no television (I rid myself of mine), et voila.

    More time to live life, and much reduced blood pressure.

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