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  1. “it appears that the … bar in central London may be taking legal action against Mr. Terera.”

    I do hope so.

    How often, do you think, are fake accusations of “racism” used not to gain publicity (as was presumably the case here) but just to extort money?

  2. There was an entertaining article about a woman in the Democrat caucuses in Iowa trying to change her vote for Pete Buttigieg when she found out that she had just voted for a … homosexual !

    But to be serious, an increasing number of people are looking askance at Big Tech. Some people worry about their monopolistic practices; some are concerned about privacy issues; and Democrats simply see Big Tech as entities ripe for aggressive taxation.

    Given that situation, the likelihood is that Big Tech insiders (like wives & sisters) will be doing a bunch of “Defensive Donating” to every campaign that will take their money. Hillary Clinton must be racking her grifter brain wondering how she can grab a piece of the action.

  3. There was an interesting sentence in a Guardian article about the Iowa caucus results,the writer was making the point that Pete Buttigieg’s success in Iowa was likely to be reversed as the race moved to ‘more ethnically diverse States’. One wonders if he had actually meant to brand non-white Americans as homophobic bigots?

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