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Some more articles of note

Great article on the last few years of Brexit. It’s great because it’s one of the few articles that can see that the ERG Spartans were the sensible ones:

The 28 MPs were widely condemned for their actions, but triggered a series of events that led to the first significant Conservative majority in 30 years, with the supposedly impossible-to-reopen Withdrawal Agreement duly reopened along the way. No one but them saw this as being even slightly feasible. Predictably the pundits did not foresee these events. Most markedly, pro-Brexit commentators on the right (Iain Martin, Tim Montgomerie, Fraser Nelson, Henry Newman, James Forsyth, the editorial writers of ConservativeHome and the Spectator) were all for accepting the Withdrawal Agreement by the time of the decisive vote.

A good description of how ‘purity spirals’ can happen in the real world, even in the world of…  knitting:

Lately we’ve been witnessing more and more small worlds fall apart under the weight of their vast moral centre of gravity. In the past year, the middle-class, middle-aged, overwhelmingly female knitters of Instagram have descended into internecine conflict over racism allegations …


I decided to call both the phenomenon and the documentary, “The Purity Spiral”. A purity spiral occurs when a community becomes fixated on implementing a single value that has no upper limit, and no single agreed interpretation. The result is a moral feeding frenzy.

A black British actor who appeared in ‘Hamilton’ may face legal action over hate hoax:

Last November, British actor and “Hamilton” musical star, Giles Terera, claimed in a viral tweet that he and a group of eight other black actors were refused entry at a London pub after being “racially profiled.” However, the blues bar immediately refuted the allegations of racism in a Facebook post, saying that some members of Terera’s group did not have IDs. Now, it appears that the “Ain’t Nothin’ But Blues” bar in central London may be taking legal action against Mr. Terera.

Pete Buttigieg has big tech and its money behind him:

Pete Buttigieg is having a fundraiser thrown for him by a who’s-who of wealthy Silicon Valley families.


Recode obtained a host list circulated to prospective donors for an exclusive event, slated for Monday morning in Palo Alto. The list is littered with the family members of prominent Silicon Valley execs, including:


Nicole Shanahan, wife of Google cofounder Sergey Brin.
Wendy Schmidt, wife of former Google CEO Eric Schmidt.
Michelle Sandberg, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s sister.


Also hosting the event is Netflix cofounder and CEO Reed Hastings.


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4 thoughts on “Some more articles of note

  1. “it appears that the … bar in central London may be taking legal action against Mr. Terera.”

    I do hope so.

    How often, do you think, are fake accusations of “racism” used not to gain publicity (as was presumably the case here) but just to extort money?

  2. There was an entertaining article about a woman in the Democrat caucuses in Iowa trying to change her vote for Pete Buttigieg when she found out that she had just voted for a … homosexual !

    But to be serious, an increasing number of people are looking askance at Big Tech. Some people worry about their monopolistic practices; some are concerned about privacy issues; and Democrats simply see Big Tech as entities ripe for aggressive taxation.

    Given that situation, the likelihood is that Big Tech insiders (like wives & sisters) will be doing a bunch of “Defensive Donating” to every campaign that will take their money. Hillary Clinton must be racking her grifter brain wondering how she can grab a piece of the action.

  3. There was an interesting sentence in a Guardian article about the Iowa caucus results,the writer was making the point that Pete Buttigieg’s success in Iowa was likely to be reversed as the race moved to ‘more ethnically diverse States’. One wonders if he had actually meant to brand non-white Americans as homophobic bigots?

  4. Such fun when a core value of one identitarian minority group is hatred of another identitarian minority group.

    The Left will eat itself.

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