5 thoughts on “Who’d have predicted BoJo would be the one to take us back to the stone age?*

  1. Seriously, Mr. D? Surely you remember that this is the same Boris who effectively banned hydraulic fracturing in the run-up to the election? The same Boris who celebrated his victory by committing to make the UK “carbon neutral”?

    The good thing about Boris the Unreliable is that he blows in whatever direction the wind takes him. Just now, he thinks that most Brits have drunk the Green Kool-Aid. If he learns that the Great British Public does not want electric cars and has no patience for the much higher electricity costs required by the subsidies to “renewable” windmills, Boris will quite happily walk out of No. 10 and announce an end to “renewable” subsidies and the elimination of electric car mandates.

  2. I’m talking more about the longer-term. Twenty years ago we could all see that the were many green lunatics in politics who were itching to dismantle Western industrial society. Whereas Boris was an amusing right-winger making jokes at the expense of the loony left. If you’d made a list of the people who were likely to be the ones who would eventually enact the Great Return to the Stone Age, where would Boris be on that list? Probably right at the bottom.

  3. But even recently people were telling us that the ban on fracking was only temporary, only for the extent of the election campaign, and as soon as the Conservatives won a healthy majority they would overturn it. And who thought Dominic Cummings, the supposed puppet-master, was a deep green?

  4. If the public actually wanted electric cars there would be no need to ban petrol and diesel cars as people would be switching in droves already. The fact that they aren’t is a bit of a clue Boris. In any case, electric cars are not carbon neutral unless we build lots of nuclear power stations. That is before we start to consider what an environmental disaster the batteries are. There is some hope that the climate change crap will have died a natural death by 2035. But then back in 2005 I thought that it would by 2020 and it is still here despite three decades of failed doomsday predictions.

  5. There are two issues here. One is the “Climate Change” scam, where everyone knows that there is not even a scientific hypothesis alleging Anthropogenic Climate Change — only one alleging Anthropogenic Global Warming. And the data say the planet stopped warming a couple of decades ago.

    The other is — What do Boris’s words mean? Is his commitment to go “Carbon Neutral” the same has his commitment to “die in a ditch”?

    One might hope that elected Tory MPs would demonstrate some capacity for independent thought, but it seems that anyone who enters politics (or who hopes to benefit from the scam) has to kiss the ring of the Global Warm-mongers.

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