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Why were they still in the Cabinet on Dec 13?

Another Boris blunder:

Geoffrey Cox desperate to hang on to his job as Attorney General, friends say as Boris Johnson set for first major reshuffle


Lucy Frazer is being lined up to replace Mr Cox although there are signs he may not go quietly

This is why you don’t appoint the same old faces to Cabinet on day one after an election, thinking that you’ll sack lots of them a few months later. You should have your new team already planned out and ready to go as soon as the results come in.


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4 thoughts on “Why were they still in the Cabinet on Dec 13?

  1. Yes he’s turning out to be a big disappointment, isn’t he.

    First Huawei, then all this green crap, and imminently the approval of HS2. And, gawd help us, wealth taxes! WTF?

    All we need is BRINO (which no doubt is coming) and we might as well have elected Corbyn.

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