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  1. “Actually, this is a bit of exaggeration, I was never that big and Guido was a sensation almost from day one.”

    I remember Blithering Bunny. Vaguely. I didn’t realise it was you.

    It’s at times like this I wish I wasn’t 350 miles away. The only comedy club (I know of) in Glasgow is run by the TUC. I’ve heard it’s not bad, but I just can’t see it myself. Anything remotely “controversial” is surely bound to be deplatformed before you can say, “17 Million F**k Offs”.

  2. Enjoy it quickly chaps before yer Wuhan virus means that it might be a risky lark.

    I suppose we’ll shortly see The Turds That Be trying to close down free speech comedy because of Elf and Safety, while letting their own sort continue. That might work out quite well, mind.

  3. Hey, next time you see Toby Young, ask him how his vizsla dog is doing. He wrote about him as a puppy in his Spectator column very briefly then had to stop because (I think) he’d bitten a postman or something so had to go quiet on the dogs shenanigans for legal reasons. I actually emailed Toby at the time about vizslas, his experiences matched mine, I have a couple and they are indeed bonkers dogs. Lovely but a bit nuts.

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