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Caroline Flack and the CPS — 10 Comments

  1. Every day I thank the good Lord (or whoever might oversee this mortal realm) that I had the gut instinct to steer well clear of social media. I’ve always been into my tech and the internet, but when social networks and Twitter came along, I bowed out. One of my better decisions.

  2. Me too Jim.
    I’m not afraid of technology when it is useful, but this stuff isn’t for me.
    I tried facebook in its early days to keep in touch more easily with my brother and his doings with his kids in Aus.
    It worked fine for that but rapidly got polluted by “friends” and “friends of friends” with political opinions. Those of a certain leaning just can’t shut up. I actually gave up on a couple of real life friends because of their nastiness online – people I had known and got on well enough with for 20 years.

    • I started doing Twitter recently, but only really for book promotional reasons (and that’s been a failure, really, I started way too late). It’s a horrible and enormously time-wasting place.

      I tried Facebook years back but couldn’t stand it.

      I don’t really understand why any normal person goes on social media.

  3. Open to correction, but I understand that the police and CPS have been browbeaten so that they will not drop the investigation or prosecution of alleged domestic violence even if the purported victim withdraws the accusation. I can see the point of that but like everything else in life there are trade-offs.

    It’s mildly surprising that nobody has succeeded with a legal shakedown of Facebook and Twitter.

    • I understand that this is often the case, DM. The supposed reason is to stop abusive husbands from threatening to beat up their wives if they don’t drop the charges. But in this case that clearly wasn’t an issue, so that was no reason not to drop it.

      I think another reason they pursued this case was because she was a celeb, in order to show that slebs aren’t above the law. That seems reasonable to me (although not if they’re pursuing a case that would otherwise have been dropped, but I don’t know whether that’s the case or not here).

  4. This is just a shit test. Women hate being made accountable for their actions. If flack has been a man, not a fuck would have been given about his mental state. He would have been labelled a pedo abuser and his death celebrated.

  5. AS at last evening there seemed to be a suggestion that she’d assaulted the previous boyfriend too. She needed prosecuting and treatment; first because she may be a serial abuser and second, well, did someone say “equal gender treatment”?

    Re social media; nice to know I’m not alone in having shunned Facebook and Twitter from the get-go. Well done and a tip of the hat to Jim and BlokeInAShed. And our host of course!

    • Not sure I deserve a tip of the hat now that I’ve succumbed. The problem is that Twitter is where all the action is these days. I wish people would come back to the blogosphere (for one thing, there’s less censorship), but it feels like the blogosphere’s day is done.

  6. An additional thought.
    Social media appeared around my mid to late 30’s.
    I am not sure I could have evaluated and then resisted it so well if I had been 10 to 15 years younger.
    At that age, like most young people I expect, I was much more judgemental and also much keener on popularity.
    I can understand the young wanting to be part of it.

    But I don’t see all social media as being bad. (blogs for e.g. are great)
    I relatively recently acquired grandchildren and the parents have be using something called 23snaps to share the photo’s and video. Admittedly I have only viewed it from over the misuses’ shoulder, but what I see it is something that appears by default to be very private and simple. She logs in and sees exactly what she wants to see i.e. her grandchildren and nothing else. She can wade back and find old stuff no problem. Her tech savvy is close to zero, she won’t have changed any settings, so it must be just the way it is.

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