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Boris and the shaky turf beneath him

Rob Wilson understands that Boris is standing on shaky turf, but gets things back-to-front:

Boris Johnson may be king of the castle now, but one false move could spark rebellion

He actually thinks the wets may launch a coup:

In the past few weeks there have already been “noises off” from Huw Merriman and Damian Green opposing BBC reform, disquiet over mansion and pension taxes, Caroline Nokes and others criticising the hiring of “Government adviser” Andrew Sabinsky, worries about HS2, mutters over the flood response, the list goes on and on …


Then there are the “Princes over the Water”, the party figures who have long disliked and distrusted Boris and can now add to their list of peeves the PM’s advisers and the “Trumpian” (their words) policies of his Government. Ruth Davidson, Mark Harper and Julian Smith are all the type of figure who could shortly be talked up by the anti-Johnson wing of the party once his star starts to fade.

In reality there is no future at all for a Conservative party run by the wets (at least, the explicit wets — wets who pretend to be dry are a different matter). The members wouldn’t have it. The voters wouldn’t have it. If the wets did somehow manage to take over, and were led by someone like Ruth Davidson, you could expect the party’s support amongst the public to sink, with tens of thousands of members leaving the party, and their poll numbers would nosedive like they did under Theresa May. You could also expect a new party to be launched.

After the betrayal by the Conservatives over so many issues in recent years, conservative voters are tolerating the party for now only because they think, or hope, that a new, more conservative course is going to be set, and because, for now, there’s no alternative. But if the Tories reveal that really it’s going to be New Labour all over again, then a new UKIP will arise, and this time there will be no Brexit to save the Tories.

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