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Could Dominic Cummings become PM one day?

Here’s a question to ponder in the light of my previous post: if Dominic Cummings is ever forced out of his role, what happens if he decides to form a new conservative party? What happens if he runs for Parliament at the next election? He could be PM. Or the power behind a PM again. At the very least he would split the conservative vote and destroy the Conservatives’ hopes of winning the next election. For a lot of voters, Cummings is what they voted for. If he goes, then what’s the attraction of the Tories?

Update: Telegraph talking about how much longer Cummings may last:

Ladbrokes has issued odds on how likely it is that Mr Cummings, the Prime Minister’s chief aid, will have left Downing Street by the end of March this year.


The bookies now make it just 3/1 Mr Cummings is either fired or walks away voluntarily from No.10 before midnight on March 31st.


Jessica O’Reilly of Ladbrokes said: “Barely a day goes by without a Cummings controversy at the moment. It’s not out of the realms of possibility he leaves, but MPs who aren’t his biggest fan may be kept waiting a little longer.”

If he is forced out, or resigns because he’s fed up, will that be the beginning of a downhill slide for the Tories? Will they not slide back to their usual wet centrist/soft-left position with him gone? In that case, with the beginnings of Brexit done, it would be time for a new right-wing party to rise up to replace them. If Cummings is part of that, then it would be a force to reckon with. A pity he and Farage don’t get on.

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3 thoughts on “Could Dominic Cummings become PM one day?

  1. “For a lot of voters, Cummings is what they voted for.”

    It is very easy for enthusiasts to over-estimate how strongly others feel about certain things. Die-hard Labour activists elected hard-line Corbyn as their leader, and were astonished to find that he was repugnant to a large group of customary Labour voters. Brexiteers thought they were in the mainstream, but only a paltry 6 Million UK citizens could bother to get off the couch and vote for the Brexit Party in the European election.

    Many Tories personally thought that Brexit was a bad idea. But for the most part they swallowed those concerns and voted for the Tory tribe anyway in the recent General Election. It is difficult to see that any significant number of Tories would abandon the Conservative Party over Cummings.

    An advisor should never let himself become the focus of attention — he is there to make his principal look good by providing soto voce advice. It speaks poorly of Cummings’ judgment that he has put himself in the spotlight. And what is Cummings main claim to fame? That he helped the Tories get 44% of the vote in the General Election by promising to throw more money at the socialist NHS. Money, not reform! With Conservatives like that, who needs Labour?

    From his other utterances, Cummings believes that a handful of really really super-smart unelected guys like him should run the country, and make all the decisions for the Great Unwashed in the Shires. That is Stalinism, not Conservatism. The fact that a minority of engaged Tory voters have seized on Cummings as their great white hope is mainly evidence of the severe lack of talent and ability in the current Conservative Party leadership pool.

  2. “If he is forced out, or resigns because he’s fed up, will that be the beginning of a downhill slide for the Tories?”

    No. That happened a long time ago.

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