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Matthew Parris is making rather a habit of these betrayals

Matthew Parris knew perfectly well – he used to often write about it – how bad the EU was, yet when push came to shove he took their side.

Now it’s happening again with the civil service. He knows they’re awful, but when it comes down to it he’ll take their side rather than ours. He knows, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that these recent briefings against Priti Patel are politically motivated, and involve Sir Humphreys that don’t like being spoken to a with a sharp tongue by someone who isn’t part of the club and who has different ideas to them and who is determined to implement them.

In the end he chooses to stick with the private school/PPE smoothies who he has dined with for decades, and says he has nothing to do with the new guest at the dinner party who is ruffling feathers.

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One thought on “Matthew Parris is making rather a habit of these betrayals

  1. Parris has become contemptible. The amount of cognitive dissonance he must suffer on a daily basis makes Bercow look normal.

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