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  1. I can only assume these people live in a parallel universe somehow connected to ours via Twitter. Because in this one, the government’s spending money like there was no tomorrow and the NHS remains the world’s third-largest employer, entirely owned by the state.

  2. Years ago we stopped taking The Guardian in case the insanity was catching.

    We replaced it successively by The Independent, The Times, and The Telegraph. The latter is getting floppy-wristed – but is there anywhere else to take shelter?

    We also gave up taking the FT on a Saturday, prompted by a sudden decline in the quality of its arts coverage. Much of what the paper had to say was evident rot, but the Arts and personal finance sections had been good.

  3. One of the foundations of a happy life is — Not Being On Twitter!

    These people have always been around. It used to be one had to go to the Students Union or its commercial equivalent to be exposed to their unpleasantness. Now those who sign up for Twitter and other (anti-)social media bring it straight into their living rooms. Fortunately, there is an easy solution!

    • GL, you can add turning one’s back on the BBC and the license fee to that. Just stop listening and participating in the cesspools and one’s mental and physical well-being is substantially enhanced.

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