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You’re looking in the wrong place

Priti Patel is to face a ‘serious’ Cabinet Office probe after Phillip Rutnams’ resignation amid accusations against her of bullying:

The Cabinet Office has launched an investigation into whether Priti Patel breached the ministerial code after her top Home Office official dramatically resigned amid a bullying row.


Michael Gove told MPs that the Home Secretary would be the subject of a Whitehall inquiry following the exit of Sir Philip Rutnam, the former permanent secretary who is now planning to sue the Government for constructive dismissal.

Why is there going to be a probe into her? Why not into the civil service? There have been plenty of serious accusations against them for years from credible sources.

In addition, accusations were made for years about John Bercow’s bullying. Nothing was done. Gordon Brown was reported to have towering rages where he would throw phones. Nothing was done. So why does Priti Patel face a probe after what is clearly political briefing?

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3 thoughts on “You’re looking in the wrong place

  1. “why does Priti Patel face a probe after what is clearly political briefing?”

    She’s a Tory of course. And an unapologetic right wing one to boot. Its noticeable that as a result suddenly the colour of her skin and sex don’t count for much, while if a Leftist minster who happened to be a woman and non-white was treated this way by a white male civil servant the usual suspects would be screaming racism and sexism from every rooftop imaginable.

    The other two mentioned were Leftists, or acting to Leftist advantage, so the Deep Left State will leave them alone. We all know that virtually everyone employed by the State, certainly those in the positions of power are all Leftists and use their positions to advance the Leftist cause at all times.

    Its why I’ve come to the conclusion there is no possibility of reforming the State apparatus, its rotten to the core. The whole system is riddled with Leftists, no government of the Right will ever be able to put their own people in place because you’d have to replace everyone at once, from quango heads, to council officials, to civil service leaders, to the judiciary and the Supreme Court at the very top. Try to replace one here and there and the rest will stymie you at every turn.

    The only solution is if the money gets cut off because the whole system collapses. If money isn’t there to pay them, then they’ll disappear. Until that happens we’re stuck with them, I can’t see any other way of removing them from their entrenched positions of power.

  2. Probably nothing to do with any of the following:

    1) her party
    2) which set of genitalia she has
    3) the melanin content of her skin
    4) she didn’t put up with shit from someone heavily involved with Windrush, but somehow still managed to stay in post

  3. “The only solution is if the money gets cut off because the whole system collapses.”

    Well, the system will collapse. Gods of the Copybook Headings, etc. It is inevitable that eventually the debts which cannot be repaid and the financial commitments which cannot be honored will bring down the edifice which this group of Leftists has created.

    But that is not necessarily good news. History suggests the inevitable collapse is more likely to lead to a Napoleon or a Stalin than to the sunlit uplands of freedom.

    Perhaps it would be better for those of a libertarian bent to focus on creating structures analogous to the Irish monasteries which kept knowledge alive during the Dark Ages. Future generations can learn from our failings — They should never let government get too large; it should be very very difficult for elected representatives to pass a law, and rather easy for them to repeal a law; lawyers & judges need to be kept on a very short leash; and the creation of a permanent Political/Bureaucratic Class must be rendered impossible.

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