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Throw Escape to the Country under the bus to save the News

One tactic moderate BBC defenders are likely to use more and more as the licence fee comes under serious pressure is to acknowledge BBC failures, but ring-fence the most biased bits of it. Here’s an example from Maajid Nawaz:

As a progressive, I see that the BBC has become undeniably bloated, squeezing out local competition and stifling start-up innovation. Like with US tech giants, its very size gives it too much power and prevents competition from being able to thrive.


But my desire is not to destroy this famous British institution — I want to reform it, repair it and resurrect it anew. And not before time.

So what’s good about the BBC that is worth preserving?

Defenders of the status quo argue that there are many benefits to paying the TV licence of £154.50 a year. The world-class drama and objective news reporting are just the tip of the iceberg, they point out …


Those are good arguments, yet it still amounts to a pragmatic case for a regressive tax …


So let us ringfence the BBC’s world-class news and current affairs programmes, perhaps funded by a progressive licence fee, while charging a monthly subscription for entertainment and music.

BBC News and current affairs are highly biased. The last thing we want is for them to be protected. They need to go.

As for ‘world-class drama’ … the BBC is incapable of making any drama these days that isn’t woke propaganda. Even Nawaz admits that this ‘world-class drama’ somehow fails to engage him:

Like millions of people across the country, in the past couple of years I have begun paying for private subscription services, since when, I cannot recall the last BBC drama that I watched.

It’s a myth that the BBC makes world-class drama any more. The BBC is like an old rocker, a bloated has-been living off past glories and huge royalty cheques, incapable of creating anything good any more, the subject of bad face-lifts and hair dyes, filled with envy and bitterness towards its younger rivals, and still taking drugs. Vapid politics is the only thing that interests it now, not art and creativity.

With a real old rocker, nobody is forced to buy his new albums, and no-one does, but the BBC is like an old rocker in a Communist country where you’re forced to buy his latest CD, even if you never listen to it. Time for the BBC to retire and move into a care home.

Update: Latest example of a BBC News exercise in propaganda.


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