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I’m convinced you’re a woman, even if thousands aren’t — 3 Comments

  1. Give a wide berth to anyone who uses “sassy” – and probably to anyone described as sassy.

    Is sassy quite as bad as savvy? Even worse I suspect.

  2. What I can never understand with these M2F transgenders is how they can go from being married with kids etc and sex with women, to suddenly wanting cock because they are ‘now a woman’, without contradicting the prime Leftist directive that sexual preference is hard wired at birth, and can never be changed by personal choice or societal pressures. A person born with a female brain in a man’s body should by my estimation have always wanted cock. So logically most trans women should have lived as gay men before transition. But they never do. They all go from married with 2 kids to wanting sex with men. You never see gay men transitioning, or indeed single non-gay men. Its always middle aged married types.

    As far as I can see one of the two ideas has to go – either sexual attraction is fixed at birth and cannot change, OR you can suddenly change sexual orientation when you transition from male to female. But not both.

    My feeling is that the whole trans thing is largely caused by some sort of underlying psychological problem – I think for many men its a way of drawing attention to themselves at a time in life when men become quite anonymous. Middle aged men are rather ignored by society and I feel that for more narcissistic types its a plea for attention – look at me, I’m a woman now! Its the middle aged equivalent of the kid who acts up to gain parental attention.

  3. A lady friend once suggested to me that if blokes had tits, they’d NEVER get out of the shower.

    Have this bloke’s water and heating bills gone through the roof?

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