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  1. I was in the pub last night and the conversation was on a similar theme…… though rather less erudite, and less elegantly expressed.

    One thing we can all be sure of is that at the end of this episode, we’ll all have accepted far more State intrusion and control, fewer freedoms, and abject submission to societal terror in a large part of the population. I avoided social media (in the shape of Facebook, Twitter and their ilk) when they started because it seemed clear to me that it was the start of mob rule. We’re pretty much there now and it’s not satisfying to feel vindicated.

  2. Good stuff from Lewis.

    I always did find the Horror of the Bomb an over-egged pudding.

    I once had the joy of striking fear into a couple of whingers in the JCR by gesturing at some of my pals and saying “you do realise that given a bit time and money this gang here could build an atom bomb?”

    Now, of course, a “dirty bomb” would be absurdly easy (though I shall not describe my favoured notion).

  3. Excellent quote. As I said earlier at Samizdata, I realised last night that for UK infections to reach the worst-case scenario of 80% within a year (i.e., the latest a vaccine is expected to be available), it would have to start hitting 150,000 people every day right now. Instead of, you know… a couple of hundred. Maybe a little more by now.

    Of course it’s a worry, but there’s a damn good chance (far from a certainty; you can never be certain with these things) that nobody you know will ever catch it. Even in Wuhan, Daegu, and Lombardy, which we’re supposed to believe resemble something out of an apocalyptic horror movie, the infection rate is around 1-in-200.

    Which isn’t to be complacent: that’s only the case if we take sensible precautions. Which are, essentially, what we should all be doing anyway to avoid other diseases. It’s not the end of the world.

  4. First people under-rated it. Now they over-rate it. It may well prove lethal to the likes of me but healthy younger people will largely be right as rain. Or at least we can reasonably hope so. But things might change. The Spanish flu was deadlier in its second phase.

    Meantime, the financial world …

    My wife has always trusted me to be sensible about sciencey stuff. Now my offspring rate me a forecasting wizard re stock markets. I’d like, God old boy, a bit more time to bask in all this appreciation.

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