Thanks God for the surplus

Isn’t it great that recent British governments have built up a healthy surplus during the good times in order to deal with the bad times, like we’re in now? That showed foresight. It would have been terrible, if, you know, the government had just splurged money on all sorts of non-essential crap and we’d ended up having to tackle Covid-19 and deal with an economic shutdown with a massive debt. Really glad we’re not in that situation.

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4 thoughts on “Thanks God for the surplus

  1. I put it to you, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, that Mr Gordon Brown was a quite awful Chancellor of the Exchequer.

    Actually I think he was a much worse Chancellor than he was a PM.

    P.S. It will never be too late to arrest, charge, try, convict, sentence, and hang Toni Blair.

  2. It might be the lack of oxygen and dry cough talking, Mr Drummond, but I detect a subtle tinge of sarcasm in your last few posts.

    I think we’re all getting a little testy these days. Global implications of such I leave to others.

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