The Communists have found a better scam

Frightening headline in the Daily Mail:

Frightening, that is, because of how stupid it is. The spike being referred to consists of… 7 deaths. Just 7. Not 70 000. Not even 7000. Just 7. The death toll rose from 33 to 40. On average, about 1700 people die in the UK every day. And we’re going to destroy our economy over what isn’t distinguishable from noise in the death stats.

What has happened is this. The virtual Communists and statists who dominate the establishment of the world’s countries got tired of waiting for climate change to do its work. Why wait until 2050 or 2070 when you can just seize power now on the basis of some spurious new emergency that requires martial law? Those emergency powers were there just waiting to be used. I had no doubt that a Corbyn government would have invented some pretext to use them if it had won the election. That’s why I was worried that if they got in, we’d never get rid of them.

So why wait when you can just invent a whole new fake emergency happening in the here and now? The emergency, of course, is all in the modelling, as it always is. Real world death numbers provide nothing to worry about, but the modelling, my God that looks bad. (Actually, even the worse-case models don’t look bad enough to destroy the world’s economy over, but then I’m not a frightened snowflake.) And the academics, and the authoritarians on social media, are demanding we do something. Looks like we have no choice but to pretend it’s an emergency and make a massive power grab.

The key is always to stay one step behind social media until there’s a clamour from the likes of Piers Morgan for more state action, and then it doesn’t look like it’s just us making a power grab. This is the first social media-fuelled coup in the Western world, although clearly the old media has also played its part.

(I’m writing a longer, more detailed post about why the health threat from Covid-19 has been massively overblown, hopefully finish and post later today.)

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7 thoughts on “The Communists have found a better scam

  1. As the immense damage being done by governmental over-reaction becomes more obvious, there may be a move in social & Lame Stream Media to berate “virus deniers” as more dangerous than “climate change deniers”. Next step would be for the Powers That Be to round up those dangerous “virus deniers” before they undermine public solidarity, and bus them off to a re-education camp.

    Please save me the seat next to you on the bus.

  2. I’ve been posting and saying for several weeks that the MSM is being hysterical about COVID-19. I expect a lot of flu deaths in 2019 (Nov-Dec) were really COVID-19. So what? We always get a spike in ‘flu deaths around Christmas and New Year. A spike of 7 deaths is noise.The government would be doing OK if this was Ebola. But it’s a mild Corona virus infection for 80% plus of people contracting it. This is a wild over reaction.

  3. Hold on – you say there have been 7 more deaths, the DM 40. How so?

    Now then, how about this? “Some 3,355 patients have been struck down in the UK already but experts predict true number to be 180,000”. I’ll swear that if 180,000 had been “struck down” I’d have seen evidence in public. You know, bodies in the river, plague pits in the park, funeral pyres on the rec.

  4. I’ve already seen this, with social media posts breathlessly detailing the scandalous acts of people going out to the pub or making plans to visit relatives.

    We’ve gone collectively mad.

  5. The experts “180,000” “struck down” refers to Brits who might have had a sniffle, or maybe a cough, or maybe nothing at all. Not quite the same thing as “struck down” used to mean before the Usual Suspects grabbed hold of it.

    As for me, I am shaking in my boots. I wonder if that is one of the symptoms of the virus?

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