Big day on social media today (ie. Saturday), which partly explains why I’ve got a bit behind here. Virtually overnight there was a massive grassroots push for all conservatives and libertarians and non-leftists to leave Twitter and move to a new free speech platform called Parler. The result was hundreds of prominent personalities who decided today to move there. Unlike Gab, it’s not a ghost town, thousands of ordinary people are signing up and following the big names. #Twexit has become the latest thing.

For those of you who are sensible enough to stay away from social media, this is not a reason for you to start. Social media will still be a cesspit. But at least for now, if Parler really does take off, there will no longer be the threat of bans for those who don’t toe the line. And shadowbanning will no longer be a thing.

There are still dirty tricks that can be played, of course. For example, the other day Visa announced that it would no longer process payments for Gab. And Gab has long been banned as an app on Apple and Android. Parler hasn’t, and if it becomes enormous quickly then it will be more difficult for these dirty tricks to be played. And of course people might drift back to Twitter if its massive userbase starts to seem attractive again.

Nevertheless  I will enjoy this moment of optimism while it lasts.

For those who do social media, here’s my Parler account (you have to sign up to Parler to see Parler accounts).

Update: Parler has a few problems. Doesn’t look good, functionality a bit iffy. Not sure it’s going to fly.

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15 thoughts on “Twexit

  1. Joined Parler 10 minutes ago. Had a look around, but as with Twitter, I will never post (which is the secret to staying sane). Surprised how big this service is already.
    You are absolutely correct Hector, that grey coloured font is far from ideal. Black text matters…

  2. My Twitter account cancelled today. I was considering it anyway for my sanity. Seems a good opportunity to stand.

  3. For me, the major downside with Parler is the requirement to create an account, and log in each time – I do my best to avoid any sites like this. At least with Twitter I can view most content without doing so, although I obviously can’t post any comments, but I then can’t be banned either!

  4. Thanks Katie mentioned Parler below. Meant to look into it and forgot

    This is excellent: Twatter, Churchil, Boris, JK Rowling

    ‘Embarrassing’ for Twitter banning ‘someone like myself’: Hopkins
    “I used the phrase hung like a baboon in response to a threat of a sexual nature of violence against me,” Ms Hopkins told Sky News

    “It’s actually a line from Rowan Atkinson’s Black Adder.
    “I have been banned from Twitter for life because I used the phrase hung like a baboon, and that’s the truth in black and white.

    “There’s no coming back from this, for Twitter, it’s embarrassing that they have banned someone like myself for using hung like a baboon.”

    Churchill – ignoramus on C4 News

    Spot on, same here. Login to read is stupid and it’s death knell

    Twatter, FB, Gab etc: I register to grab my name then never use

  5. Been trying for about an hour to register with Parler . Failed.
    By the way. About two weeks ago thousands of people around the world totally ignored social distancing to demonstrate about something or other.
    The Covid19 infections must have spiked like Everest mustn’t they??
    Did they? Or is social distancing just another experiment to see just how far they go with controlling the population of the world with fear and media brainwashing.

  6. Parler hard to get on. I set their own security-generated password and the machine tells me it isn’t complicated enough to be accepted. Waiting for a reply to my request to sort matters out. A Twitter replacement needs to be more user friendly.

    Also please see this link:

    Please go to “health” and read “End of dentistry”. My own dentist has confirmed everything said there by putting the “new normal” bullshit on her own website. It is a tinpot tyrannical nightmare. Please give it some publicity if you can as folks need to know what the scummy state has planned for them.

  7. @Mr Ecks


    First – Mrs Pcar is a dentist

    Vernon Coleman’s exaggerating almost to BS level

    Largest problem for patients is dentist decides if AGP procedure is in patient’s ‘best interest’ – extractions will rise

    PS his website is sh1t – a 1990s frame based site and his bio doesn’t inspire confidence

    Dr Vernon Coleman was the first writer to:
    1) Warn about the dangers of benzodiazepine tranquillisers
    2) Warn that passive smoking causes cancer
    3) Warn that mobile phones (and masts) may cause cancer
    4) Warn that tap water contains harmful drug residues
    5) Point out that genetic engineering (in all its forms) can be a threat to human health
    6) Claim that high blood pressure can be controlled without drugs
    7) Warn about the risk of mad cow disease…

    imo he’s a loon

  8. Hector
    Good idea to leave Twitter.
    Parler almost certainly is not the answer.

    Good luck with it anyway.

  9. Pcar: “Vernon Coleman’s exaggerating almost to BS level”

    I suspect you’re right. My dentist has been open during lockdown and early on they emailed saying they had PPE and were operating normally as possible. They’ve not told me to wear a mask when I turn up for a check-up.

  10. Just signed up to Parler a few minutes ago without problems and have downloaded app from Apple.

    I have a Twitter account, largely as a News-feed, but don’t Tweet.

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