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  1. The Three Goons Show

    Julia Hartley-Brewer: ‘Our hospitals weren’t overwhelmed in April, why would they be now?’
    – Labour MP Stephen Timms “We need lockdown, hospitals overwhelmed”
    – JHB How many in hospital?
    – Timms dunno
    – JHB Covid hospitalisations in London was 51 on October 10th, with three deaths. That’s three out of nine million, or 0.00003%
    – Timms err, em, but it might increase

    Timms on £85,000pa plus taxpayer funded staff. All sitting at home and can’t be bothered to look at data before appearing on JHB to back a full lockdown
    Worse, he doesn’t appear concerned or embarrassed that he wants to punish UK for no justifiable reason

    Conservative MP Sir Bernard Jenkin: “Cases” 100 per 100,000 (1 in 1,000 – 0.1%) justifies lockdowns
    No better than Timms

    Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen
    No better than Timms

    I wish JHB had hit them with WHO data shows IFR is 0.14%

    Meanwhile in SNPland The Great Leader Fuhrer Sturgeon announced the 16 day lockdown will be continued indefinitely

  2. Snigger

    Kamala Harris suspends physical campaign over COVID-19 caution

    Why Kamala? You were wearing your Safety Mask weren’t you?
    Oh, an excuse to hide from Hunter Biden questions?

    Not heard of NY Post expose of Hunter & Joe Biden fraud? Not surprising, MSM won’t report and Google et al censoring
    Plenty on Sky New Aus eg
    ‘Unprecedented scandal’: Joe Biden reportedly linked to son’s dealings with China
    – The Bidens, Obama’s and the Clinton’s selling out America to China. The Democrats are all corrupt
    – Crazy that Americans and British have to watch Australian news to get the facts on America

  3. O/T

    Request For Help From Investigative Journalist

    Journalist and Lockdown Sceptics supporter David Rose is looking for people who have suffered severe ill effects or even died as a result of treatment for cancers and other serious illnesses being delayed by Covid. The Mail wants to draw more attention to the disastrous collateral damage being caused by the restrictions.

    If anyone is willing to talk to him, please contact him direct at david @ davidroseuk.com

  4. Apologies for an off-topic post — but maybe this is not so far off topic. Instead of Friday Night Fun, this is about a Thursday Night Massacre.

    Amazon — yes, that Amazon which has benefitted remarkably from the CovidScam Lock Downs through the great expansion of on-line shopping — took the rather unusual step on Thursday Oct-15 of banning a book. Surprise! Surprise! The book is somewhat skeptical about the CovidScam.

    The book which does not meet Amazon’s standards is “Covid-19 and the Agendas to Come: Red Pilled”, by James Perloff.

    I checked Abebooks to see if it was available elsewhere — but Abebooks is owned by Amazon! These days, one really has to work at NOT being a conspiracy theorist. 🙂

  5. O/T
    Consultation About HMG’s Coronavirus Dashboard

    A reader has got in touch to point out that the Government is currently carrying out a consultation about the data displayed in its coronavirus dashboard. He has responded himself and urges Lockdown Sceptics readers to do the same.
    This is my feedback:

    Please, please:

    1) Don’t show positive PCR tests as “cases”. They are not cases; they are “positive PCR tests”.

    2) Don’t show absolute numbers of positive PCR tests. That’s meaningless and depends entirely on the number of tests performed; show the number of positive PCR tests per 1,000 tests.

    3) Don’t imply a positive PCR test is equivalent to an infection. There are many reasons why a positive PCR test does not mean an actual infection not least because of false positives; show the likelihood that a positive test is an infection (For example, if the infection rate in the UK is 0.2% and the false positive rate is 2.4% then the likelihood that a positive PCR test indicates actual infection is 7.7%). In fact, it may be better to display the statistically likely infections per 1,000 tests.

    Would be good for many of us to provide this sort of feedback”

    Good responses, I’ve submitted similar- we need to dial-back this fear mongering and misuse of words. Will you?

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