Hector Drummond has joined Boxer at the glue factory

I’ve now finally accepted, with a very heavy heart, that Hector Drummond is just not viable, and as someone who is not independently wealthy (independently broke is more like it) I can’t justify spending any more of my life on it (both the fiction and the blog). The blog numbers are steadily dwindling after a promising increase earlier this year, and my book sales are just embarrassing. I think Twitter is throttling me, because my reach has dropped like a stone recently. Parler, which I find unusable, is not a platform I have any cut-through on. I’ve only got a few dozen Patreon subscribers, and a grand total of one on SubscribeStar.

I am proud that a small band of readers have got something out of either my fiction or my non-fiction, or both, and heartfelt thanks to all of those who have sent some money my way and taken the time to comment (eg. Pcar with his regular links). Even the small amounts have helped. But after three years of virtually full-time work on the blog, plus eighteen months writing and editing the novel, I have to be more objective and accept that it’s too much work for too little money, and that there would never be the time to write more fiction anyway. My dream was to be a novelist, and I thought there was a market for Hector’s University satires, but it’s become abundantly clear that I was badly mistaken in that surmise. I shall, then, take my fiction-writing skills, such as they are, to pastures anew.

So you can unsubscribe from Patreon and SubscribeStar now, with my thanks.

I’ll keep the website up because I may as well leave the novel on Amazon (though I have no plans to write another, unless sales suddenly go through the roof at some stage). Also, people may stumble across the site while searching for information on Covid, and it may be of use to them. I may put up a few more blog posts this year just because there are some things I feel I need to wrap up (or maybe I’ll see if the Critic will have them). But please don’t send any more articles or graphs to me, and I apologise to those who had sent me material which I couldn’t get up.

I must thank profusely all those people who have sent graphs and articles in, particularly Christopher Bowyer who has been indefatigable in producing graphs week after week. The country is in your debt, even if it doesn’t know it. I do know from contacts that the Telegraph, and particularly the Daily Mail, have been influenced by this blog, and some of their writers have now picked up the lockdown-sceptic baton. I still think Prof Robert Watson produced the definitive analysis of Covid-19 (see here, here and here), which still holds up, and I remain a bit angry that he never got the credit he deserved for that.

If anyone else is fool enough to start up their own blog publishing graphs and articles on Covid/lockdown please put details in the comments. David Clark’s excellent graphs are available at his own blog which is here. You can also try sending material to Toby Young’s Lockdown Sceptics website.


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40 thoughts on “Hector Drummond has joined Boxer at the glue factory

  1. I’m grateful for what you have done & completely understand your decision. Put your feet up or go down to the allotment or do whatever you fancy. Have a good rest from the insanity we’re presently surrounded by.

  2. Thanks for being a beacon of reason when all the insanity started, certainly helped me to make sense of things. Good luck with whatever you get into next.

  3. Thanks Hector for the important work you’ve done. Sorry this site didn’t work out financially though the quality of content was excellent.

  4. Thanks for all your work. Sorry to see you go, but you can be proud of being one of the few influential voices from the beginning.
    I think you have started a ball rolling which will soon grow to an avalanche.
    Best regards for the future.

  5. Thank you Hector. You’ve provided an outpost of some sanity in amongst all the current mess, aka. “The World”.
    As the Irish say, “May your road rise to meet you”!

  6. Thank you for your site. I understand your decision, but am very sorry to see you go.
    Will Christopher be publishing his excellent graphs elsewhere?

  7. Hector, thanks for all the work you’ve done with this site which has been one of the lights in the darkness of Covid hysteria. Good luck with everything.

  8. You have made a positive difference in this world, Hector — something that you can be proud about. Thank you for what you have achieved, and for the efforts you have put in during these darkening days. Here’s wishing you every success in your future life.

  9. RIP to one of the best summaries of the 2020 media driven charade.

    Toby Young is now recruiting. Offers payment for publishing his blog.

    As he seems just to now quote large sections from other research it would be a breeze for you.

  10. Thank you Hector and many thanks also to the all the contributors here who made this visiting this blog so worthwhile.
    Enjoy the rest and good luck for the future.

  11. Many thanks for shining a light in dark times. I learned a lot from your blog. Sorry to see you go and I wish you well for the future. Good luck.

  12. Good luck in your future endeavours. I will continue to pop my head around the door to see if there are new pearls of wisdom to be had. This year has seen the disappearance of many of my good reads, the voices of reason are becoming fewer by the day it seems.

  13. Well, damn.

    I’ll let my Patreon subscription run a while. It’ll buy you a beer a week, or so, so it’ll do some good.

    Best o’luck in future endeavours. You did good work here. Don’t let this not working stop you from trying other stuff as and when.

  14. Thanks for the efforts and getting the debate and information that has appeared. Your blog took an early lead in putting important points forward on COVID.

  15. I stumbled across this place early in the madness and, for me, it has been the channel to the voices of reason that the world needs more of. Thank you.

  16. Thank you for everything you and your regular contributors have done to provide sound data and information which will stand the test of time.

  17. Sorry you have to go Hector. Your site was the first beacon of sanity I discovered when I became suspicious of the MSM covid hype. It has been invaluable. Thank you for everything you and your contributors have done for us all here.

  18. Hector, thank you so much for running this blog, it’s been invaluable during the Covid hysteria, and I’ve really appreciated it. I have also enjoyed producing my graphs for the blog, and been gratified how many people appreciated them!

    In reply to JimW’s question, I don’t have a blog (and don’t have time/inclination to set one up myself), but if anyone wants to take over from Hector in publishing my graphs, I would be happy to continue producing them. Please comment/contact Hector if this is the case, and I’ll be in touch!

  19. You are joking right? We are walking into a war for our very existence and the command office, that is people like you, are just going to leave, seriously? For what, where? Quite soon it will become obvious we will not have anything to do or anywhere else to go to. How much does it cost to keep this blog open exactly, I’m sure we can find it!!!!!

  20. Sorry to see you go–but the heavy hand of economic misery is on its way for most of us. Indeed that is ult what will end this foul virus-farce. Once AFC’s realise how much damage is headed their way .

  21. Thank you for all of your work and for being that small island of sanity when it was wall-to-wall corona-panic in the MSM. While you saw the work you put into the blog and the small sums coming in, you cannot know the good you have done and the people you have helped. Thank-you!

  22. Sorry to see you go, always looked forward to seeing your comments. And you really came into your own with the CoronaBollocks. Hope you reconsider after a good spell of recharging.

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