‘The Guff Stream’ coming tomorrow at 8pm GMT

Now that I’m getting set up to do videos I thought I might as well start doing livestreams/podcasts as well, so I have created a weekly livestream called “The Guff Stream”, where myself and a guest or two will discuss the latest guff in a light-hearted fashion.

The first one will be on Wednesday 27th January 2021, ie. tomorrow, at 8pm British Standard Time. You can watch it live on my YouTube channel from 8pm (might be a few minutes late in starting as these things usually are). I’m hoping that Wednesday at 8pm BST will be the regular time for it.

This will be free-to-air, ie. you don’t have to be a Patreon or SubscribeStar subscriber to tune in. 

My first guest will be the rising ‘micro star’ Simon Roberts. It will be an avatar stream for now, ie. you’ll just see our graphic ‘avatars’, not a video feed of us. In other words, it’s glorified radio, but you should be able to write live comments that we can see, assuming I can work out how to set that up by tomorrow night.

It will be recorded so you can watch it later if you prefer. I’ll also put it up on alternative platforms like Bitchute afterwards for those who don’t like YouTube. (I don’t like it either, but it’s very hard at the moment to livestream to alternative platforms, although that situation will hopefully change soon).

I’ll look into putting it on podcast platforms too because I know some people are into that sort of thing (although it’s not a world I know much about, so if you have any advice on that, please write in the comments).


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