The Guff Stream tonight

My Wednesday night livestream/podcast the Guff Stream is going very well, and you can tune in tonight to listen at 8pm GMT if you fancy:

(If you’re late you can still start streaming it.)

You can also listen to past episodes at the same place, or at Odysee (a video site like YouTube), or if you prefer a podcast format go to my Podbean page.

The Guff Stream is very much a rambunctious and knockabout pub-chat sort of show with lots of opinionated politics and boozy humour. If you like my more careful and sober essays then you may not like it, but if you’re missing the pub then it may be up your street. It’s very much a dip-in-and-dip-out-when-you-feel-like-it kind of show, like radio.

Tonight we have on Tim Price, Money Week columnist, book author, fund manager, and (more topically) one of the men behind the the Zulu-ish cinematic monstrosity and viral sensation ‘Karen’, which came out yesterday afternoon and has already racked up over 4000 views. If you haven’t seen it then take a deep breath and go here.

P.S. I have been getting into the video editing software world in preparation for doing my own videos. Coming soon: some looks at Sweden, Florida, South Dakota, etc.


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