Gilet jaunes and conspiracy theories

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Supposedly the ‘gilet jaunes’ movement is full of conspiracy theorists: Almost six out of ten self-professed “yellow vests” in France believe that Diana, Princess of Wales, was assassinated, according to a new study suggesting the movement is steeped in conspiracy theories. If true this should worry the French Establishment. Before the Russian revolution all sorts of conspiracy […]


Quote of the Day

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Jim makes it very difficult not to make his comments into a Quote of the Day… I was involved (as a farmer) in an EU funded scheme to try and develop a market for flax fibre in the UK, an early renewable resource if you like, this was 20 odd years ago. Some company got […]



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I’ve come across a wonderful EU website that tells you all about the money they’re spending on their amazing projects in the UK, region by region. What a great resource. An alternative viewpoint is that what we have here is a useful website for showing you how the EU is wasting your money in the […]

Pink Bits

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In a bid to reinvigorate the blogosphere in Britain (and elsewhere), (because  Twatter and Arsebook have become tools of the left), I’m reviving my old ‘Pink Bits’ section, where I link to some of the blog posts and articles that have tickled my fancy over the previous few days. Here’s a few for starters: Tim […]