Bad headlines

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The Telegraph’s view: When they have stopped arguing about Brexit, politicians must focus on boosting productivity No, they must focus on ending PC culture. That, more than anything else, will kill the country. Also the Telegraph: Owen Paterson adds name to rebel list The Tory Brexiteers are not the rebels. May and the Remainers are […]


“I didn’t want my friends to see it, so I sold the photo of it to the papers”

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Weird story of the week: Hotel staff have apologised for creating a “horrifying” effigy of a dead footballer in an attempt at a tribute for his parents that went terribly wrong. Whuh? Karen Baker, from Hertfordshire, had arranged for staff from a five-star Jamaican hotel resort to dress a room for friends Faye and Andrew Stephens, whose […]


A fake Christmas tradition

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Apparently Elf on the Shelf is the biggest thing since Christmas turkey: “We had no idea what on earth we were getting ourselves into.”   So says Chanda Bell, one of the three women responsible creating what has become a bigger Christmas tradition in the UK than watching the Queen’s Speech. It’s so big that I’ve […]


Antifa with a dog collar

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Through circumstances I found myself at the weekend at a very traditional Catholic Mass at a large city centre cathedral in a mid-size city. If I thought this was going to be something different I was mistaken. The priest’s main concern? Migrants. Refugees. We must take them all in and love them. This we were […]