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Fair’s fair… credit to Thomas Wictor

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A couple of weeks ago I expressed some doubt about Thomas Wictor’s claim that the Republicans knew what they were doing when they asked the FBI to do further investigations on Brett Kavanaugh. I’m still not entirely convinced by his argument, but I have to give him credit, he was right that it did turn […]

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Twitter and Gab

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I’ve decided to revive my Gab page, which has been lying dormant for many months. It’s here: And my Twitter page is still going strong: There are three problems with Gab, though. The first is that the layout and typography don’t work as well as Twitter. I was kind of hoping they’d have […]


The Tory MPs are to blame

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Philip Johnston in the Telegraph: Boris Johnson is a ‘man of the moment’, but his moment may, tragically, have passed …   Yet while his fringe event was packed out, unlike the main conference hall which was often half empty, there is a distinct sense that Boris’s time might have passed.   Theresa May … […]


Also sound familiar?

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Recently I blogged about the bungled attempted assassination of Trotsky that took place in Mexico in 1940, a few months before the successful one happened. It was both incompetent and nasty, so much so that it would make a good comedy along the lines of The Death of Stalin. There’s a lot more to this […]