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Why do any businesses bother with Facebook?

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So apparently some businesses are starting to get off Facebook, mainly as a protest over the way Facebook has allegedly been handling data, and because they think there’s too much abuse hurled on Facebook. These reasons don’t greatly impress me, but what I have often thought over the years is: why are any businesses on […]


Chucking pies at the left

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This is another great rant from Jonathan Pie (as acted by Tom Walker). But the problem all along has been liberals like him not understanding what the hard left is about. (It was the same after the February revolution in Russia.) “Where are the artists, the writers, the comedians?” Don’t hold your breath waiting for […]


Place(wo)men in action

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Here’s a minor confirmation of my thesis in my recent Comment Central article ‘Social media and the place(wo)men’, that there is a symbiotic relationship between social media SJW outrage-mongers and the progressives who have got themselves into positions of power in multiple institutions, the latter being ready to receive complaints from the former and act […]