They’ll have to drag May out by her fingernails

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Last month I said this about any possible Tory confidence vote in Theresa May’s leadership: In times past a leader would be expected to resign if the confidence vote did not result in an overwhelming victory, but given the Brexit situation, and the way May has clung on to the leadership no matter how bad […]


A very Seely article indeed

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Conservative Isle of Wight MP Bob Seely get very confused at CapX talking about libertarianism versus conservatism: Take housing; on the Isle of Wight the quasi-worship of markets clashes with our desire to grow our economy. We export our young people because the homes we need aren’t those developers want to build. A free market […]


The Conservative Retrogression conference

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Terribly disappointed to learn that we’ve all just missed an amazing conference called Conservative Renaissance, run by an optimistic group called Conservative Progress. There were ten speakers featured, and guess how many were Conservative politicians? Two? Three? Don’t tell me four? No! Ten! All ten were Tory politicians. All speaking on the record. Can you […]


The Conservatives Still Need Corbyn

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The conventional thinking around the Conservatives and Jeremy Corbyn seems to be this: The Conservatives originally thought the taking over of Labour by Jeremy Corbyn and his band of hard leftists was a Godsend to them, because they thought Britain would never elect a bunch of near-Communists, so it would be huge majorities for the […]