Solid State Logic it isn’t

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Rhiannon Lucy Coslett is one of the Guardian’s pet state school writers. Unfortunately she rather undermines her own case by demonstrating that consistency wasn’t something she learned at state school: The social confidence afforded to the privately educated is always cited but never challenged… Is it really acceptable to recruit so many men from single-sex […]


He asked, and he was given

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Deputy head shoots a student with plastic bullets: The boy was hit at least twice from a distance of up to 15 metres, with the plastic bullets causing injuries to his stomach, arms and legs.   The “momentary lapse of judgment” left Gitlin’s 30-year teaching career in tatters after he was convicted of assault by […]


The sideswipe

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I’ve now got around to responding to a question asked of me by commentator Penseivat in regards to the discussion about getting roads open quicker after accidents. (Penseivat seems to be a generally sound and sensible fellow who has posed me some genuine questions , so I owe him a proper response.) So, if you were […]


Those televised Tory leadership debates

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Why on Earth does the Conservative Party allow hostile, left-wing TV channels like Channel 4 and the BBC to be in charge of running their leadership debates? It’s their party, they should set up their own debates and tell the TV channels they’re free to broadcast them if they wish. Or even just bypass the […]


Rory Stewart is just the latest in a long line of quasi-religious Tartuffe figures

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There’s a certain influential section of the middle class that longs for spiritual authority figures to take control of our messy lives and ‘heal’ us all. But as traditional religion has waned in recent decades, politicians are more than ever filling that space. Barack Obama was the most obvious such figure of recent years, with […]

Boris Johnson

Cabinet clearout

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Disappointing rumour from the Telegraph: As many as one third of Theresa May’s top team could be replaced by a new cadre of rising star politicians being lined up to sit in a Boris Johnson Cabinet. A third is the number that should be kicked out of the party, not just out of cabinet. The […]


A tale of modern London life

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From a removalist review site: I am absolutely livid with a removal company we used after receiving a referral from an online site [removed] and i believe it is important to let you know before someone else experiences what we went through in the hope that you may be able to stop these cowboys. After […]


No, I will not just ignore what Jo Brand said

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There are  lot of libertarians on the internet at the moment saying ‘We have to have free speech, so leave Jo Brand alone, just as we should leave Danny Baker and Count Dankula alone. Stop being a right-wing snowflake, butt out, and let people say what they want’. (See, for example, most of Spiked’s tweets […]


Quote of the Day

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From Jim in the comments (regarding the inordinate time taken these days to reopen roads after road accidents, and the excuse that this is partly because so many agencies are involved): What you seem to have described is a lot of middle class people making work for each other, at the expense of the taxpayer, […]