Gilet jaunes and conspiracy theories

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Supposedly the ‘gilet jaunes’ movement is full of conspiracy theorists: Almost six out of ten self-professed “yellow vests” in France believe that Diana, Princess of Wales, was assassinated, according to a new study suggesting the movement is steeped in conspiracy theories. If true this should worry the French Establishment. Before the Russian revolution all sorts of conspiracy […]


Quote of the Day

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Jim makes it very difficult not to make his comments into a Quote of the Day… I was involved (as a farmer) in an EU funded scheme to try and develop a market for flax fibre in the UK, an early renewable resource if you like, this was 20 odd years ago. Some company got […]



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I’ve come across a wonderful EU website that tells you all about the money they’re spending on their amazing projects in the UK, region by region. What a great resource. An alternative viewpoint is that what we have here is a useful website for showing you how the EU is wasting your money in the […]

Pink Bits

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In a bid to reinvigorate the blogosphere in Britain (and elsewhere), (because  Twatter and Arsebook have become tools of the left), I’m reviving my old ‘Pink Bits’ section, where I link to some of the blog posts and articles that have tickled my fancy over the previous few days. Here’s a few for starters: Tim […]

Health fascism

Another ‘genius’ writes the same article that 1000 food journalists have written before him

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You’d think in these days of a million journalist students they’d teach them to avoid the old cliches. Consider the latest idiot who thinks it’s news that food companies try to tweak their products to make them irresistible: It seems that manufactured food is made by real life Willy Wonkas, who tinker with precise amounts […]