Free speech

Twitter and Gab

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I’ve decided to revive my Gab page, which has been lying dormant for many months. It’s here: And my Twitter page is still going strong: There are three problems with Gab, though. The first is that the layout and typography don’t work as well as Twitter. I was kind of hoping they’d have […]


The Tory MPs are to blame

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Philip Johnston in the Telegraph: Boris Johnson is a ‘man of the moment’, but his moment may, tragically, have passed …   Yet while his fringe event was packed out, unlike the main conference hall which was often half empty, there is a distinct sense that Boris’s time might have passed.   Theresa May … […]


Also sound familiar?

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Recently I blogged about the bungled attempted assassination of Trotsky that took place in Mexico in 1940, a few months before the successful one happened. It was both incompetent and nasty, so much so that it would make a good comedy along the lines of The Death of Stalin. There’s a lot more to this […]