The Wisdom of Professors 1

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This ‘ecosexual’ film was made by a University Professor of Art at UC Santa Cruz called Elizabeth Stephens. It stars herself and a friend molesting trees and rocks. More details about ecosex, should you require them, here. (Via — where else? — David Thompson). P.S. Elizabeth — Beth — Stephens’ partner is Annie Sprinkle, whose […]


Pretending to muddle through isn’t going to work

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Theresa May’s strategy recently seems to be to sit as still as possible so no-one notices she’s there. That way she hopes to stay in the job as long as possible, until she can eventually say, ‘Well, we had some difficulties, but we somehow managed to muddle through’. But that’s not going to work, because […]


Modern journalists

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When I was younger I used to spend some time with journalists. In those days the mantra was ‘work hard, play hard’. Now it seems to be ‘work hard, complain hard.’ And the former mainly consists of the latter. Complaining hard is about all they seem to do. Trawling Twitter for controversial statements. In fact, […]


Michael Wolff and the truth

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A smirking baldie called Mike Told the facts to go take a hike If it strikes a chord It comes on-board The truth is whatever I like. When asked to produce evidence that what he wrote is true, Wolff said: ‘My evidence is the book, read the book. If it makes sense to you, if […]


Failing to put your stamp on Brexit

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Boris Johnson told The Sun: “Leaving the European Union will be a monumental moment in British history, so let’s deliver a commemorative stamp that shows the world we’ve got Brexit licked.” But last night Business Minister Margot James– who is responsible for postal services – branded the issue “divisive” in a clear Government split. Asked […]



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In times gone past I could have easily condemned the Poundland tweets for being unnecessarily crude and not family-friendly. But after years of humourless leftist hectoring and soft Stop Funding Hate-style fascism all we can do is applaud them. Well played sirs, well played. You’ve made the SJWs look like idiots, while getting them to […]